Story Spot by Melem

Perfect for teachers and parents alike, ‘Story Spot’ by Melem Ed provides specific, evidence-based resources for learners who need extra support and intervention in reading and writing.

Written with passion by two qualified Australian school teachers who are also trained in the MSL and Orton-Gillingham approaches, the ‘Story Spot’ resources are multisensory, explicit, systematic and practical. Our readers and workbooks can be used to enhance lessons, or as homework to maintain consistency of learning. 

‘Story Spot’ consists of hundreds of printable resources for both younger learners and YA students, including:

  • one page fluency readers for students and a ‘mark-up’ version for educators (with at least 4 readers per spelling pattern at differing levels, providing reading choice)
  • individual encoding and decoding workbooks for each ‘spelling pattern’ 
  • comprehension activities (based on fluency readers and online flipbooks)
  • spelling and dictation lists for educators 
  •  teacher check-ins for each spelling pattern
  • over 90 decodable flipbooks, both fiction and non-fiction, with images to spark the imagination 
  •  games!  

For an individual yearly subscription of $90, we add activities for new spelling patterns monthly, which ensures a constantly growing resource without a price that grows. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed after one year.
Level Price  
Paid Membership $90.00 every 12 Months. Select