Emily has made significant improvement in her reading and spelling since attending lessons at Melem. She is more confident and genuinely feels better about her learning. She enjoys the sessions and the staff could not be more dedicated, professional and fun. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a child that needs help with literacy.
Emily's Mum
My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and we quickly found Melem online. Izzy really looks forward to seeing Mel every week and she’s learnt so much. Mel is warm, supportive, positive and Izzy feels like she comes away knowing something new and practical about a language she’s always had serious struggles with. She’s not scared of reading books or having to write anymore, which is huge.
Izzy's Dad
We are so thankful we found you! Our daughter has struggled with her spelling for years, leading her to lose interest. It is so wonderful to see her apply herself 100% in her sessions with you! Her self confidence has come such a long way and her teacher has commented that she is working much more independently in class. Thank you so much.
Cass & Kel
My son was diagnosed with ADHD and also he was dyslexic with comprehension. Unfortunately, I was only given this information in his mid-teens after years of searching for help. As soon as I found out I researched tutors and came across Melem Education, and this was the best discovery for us!! From our first meeting we knew we were in the right place as they understood straight away my sons’ struggles. When Emma came into his life things became a lot clearer and easier for him across all subjects, not only English. My son really disliked attending school, though he refused to miss a tutoring session with Emma. Our whole family will be forever grateful to Emma and Melem Education. We highly recommend them!
My daughter, Sienna, was 14 when she started lessons at Melem. Diagnosed with dyslexia, she was a slow reader and struggled to spell even the most common words. School and homework were a misery for her. Two years later, after weekly one-on-one sessions with Emma, Sienna is a far more confident reader and writer. Emma has given her the tools to decode words and 'spelling hacks,’ which I wish every school taught. The icing on the cake came when Sienna scored an A in English at the end of Year 10. She could not have been prouder. Finally, she has the skills to express herself in writing and is not embarrassed about her spelling. She even read a novel over the Christmas holidays and loved it. We can’t thank Emma and Melem enough for this lifelong gift of literacy.